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Experience A Place for me Counseling & Coaching: Uncover Your Story, Redefine Mental Wellness

As society shifts away from a stigma-focused narrative surrounding mental wellness, A Place For Me Counseling and Coaching is leading the way in redefining mental wellness. We embrace a new story—one rooted in empowerment and acceptance. Redefining mental wellness as a social justice initiative entails recognizing and challenging the systemic barriers and biases that have historically marginalized individuals with mental health concerns. By reframing mental health through a lens of empowerment, we are supporting you by leading the way to dismantle the structures that perpetuate stigma and discrimination.

Your Journey To Wellness Begins Here

With our values as our guide, we’ll see you where you are, as you are, in our inclusive space where you’ll always feel right at home.

What Sets Us Apart?​


Human beings are drawn to authentic words, feelings and experiences. Our staff values authenticity and genuineness, and we strive to offer open, safe spaces where we can all be our true selves.


At the heart of our practice is empathy. This foundational value serves as our guidepost to forge deep connections and truly place ourselves in your shoes – where real understanding begins.


Innovation is what drives our practice. Through evidenced-based practices, tele-health, and coaching modalities, we stay ahead of the game and offer you cutting-edge solutions for mental health therapy.


Without inclusivity, we stand alone. We believe that diversity is beauty, and our ability to offer mental health therapy in a diverse and inclusive environment creates a space where everyone’s unique narrative is heard and honored.

Our History

At A Place for Me Counseling, our origins date back to 2012 when our founder Erlese Caruth recognized a significant need while assisting clients within the foster care and criminal justice systems. Moved by their stories of displacement and the feeling of being overlooked, Erlese’s own experiences of not belonging resonated deeply.

A turning point occurred when Erlese undertook the task of working with a family of 8 children, all adopted to remain together. During the process of assessments and treatment planning, the children expressed a heartfelt desire: they simply longed for “a place where they could just be.”

This revelation ignited Erlese’s dedication to working with children, inspiring her to establish A Place for Me Counseling in 2012. Initially situated in the vibrant community of Little Five Points, Atlanta, it was envisioned as a sanctuary for children and families from underserved communities and those often marginalized by society.

Over time, our practice evolved into a haven for individuals, couples, and families seeking a space to be acknowledged, heard, and, above all, to simply be. The impact of the pandemic prompted the practice’s transition to include a virtual and in-person space, where we continue to thrive and cater to the evolving needs of the community.

Meet Our Team

If you’re looking for compassionate care and dedication to healing hearts and minds, we’ve got it in spades. Our diverse team is composed of licensed and pre-licensed clinicians highly trained in evidenced-based practices – all ready to help guide and support you on your journey to mental wellness.

Chanelle Morea Joseph


John Nwosu


Natasha Powell


Dr. Aaron Kimble


Althea Wright

Master's Level Therapist

Ashi Patel

Master’s Level Therapist

Katie Pouliot

Pre-Licensed Therapist

Khristin Isley

Pre-Licensed Therapist

Dr. Dwayne Gelly

Pre-Licensed Therapist

Tracee Upshaw

Office Manager

Our Clients’ Stories of Empowerment & Renewal

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Unlock the power of knowledge and self-discovery. Explore our blog for invaluable insights into mental health therapy and our innovative approaches to care.

Redefining Mental Wellness. Rewriting Narratives.

At A Place for Me Counseling, we’re here to guide to toward your fullest potential. We want to see you flourish in life, and we’ll walk with you every step as you navigate challenges and redefine your narrative – one moment at a time.